Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Death of a Town

Tyler was 17 and lived with his mother Tammy, grandmother Kristen, and 1 year old brother, Hunter. On March 10th, 2009 his mother's ex-fiancee broke into their house and attempted to shoot Tammy. Tyler, being the strong-willed young man he was, jumped in front of his mother..only to take the bullet in the head. He died instantly. Kristen also took a bullet, this time in the chest. The gunman then turned the gun to Tammy and shot her twice on her right side.

Then the ex-fiancee took his own life, the coward.
The baby was left alone.
Tyler was a happy boy. He was selfless and also the class clown. He would stop at nothing to see everyone else smile half as much as he did.
Tammy is still in a coma. They are waiting to stabilize her before putting her into surgery. She will not be able to attend her mother's and son's funerals.
There is no one to take care of Hunter.
Our entire town is in mourning and will never ever forget this family.
May Kristen and Tyler rest in peace.

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